Page Layout Design in CorelDraw

Recently, I have been asked some questions about using CorelDraw to achieve some basic things in publication layout design. The next posts will address some of the questions.

Would like to know the steps to copy and paste text in CoralDraw and how make columns.


To copy and paste text

Open your word document and ctrl + A (to select all the text), then copy selected text (ctrl + C)


In CorelDraw, select the type tool and draw a text box, then past the copied text (ctrl + V)


Select the third option to discard fonts and formatting…


Notice the red colour of your text means you have text overflow (excess test in that particular text box)


Click on the arrow/triangle at the bottom of the text box, this selects the extra text and allows you to move it to another page.

img-20170222-wa0013Draw a new text box…


Voila! The text overflow is pasted in the new box. Notice both text boxes have changed from red to blue outline…


However, if there’s still more text overflow, it will still be red on the second text box, so repeat the last two steps and continue.

Creating a column

Go to text in the menu, select the column option (ensure your text box is selected for the column option to be active)


Increase the number of columns at the top from 1 to your desired number and reduce the gutter size from 12 to your desired number (it will preview as you reduce the values so you see the spaces between the columns 4.5 – 6 should be decent).


Click the ok button and your columns should be set up!


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